Monday, August 12, 2013

Fourteen States Prepare Military Defenses Against the Federal Government - Maybe; Secession Anyone?

A site called "Before It's News" is reporting that fourteen states have begun reestablishing autonomous "State Defense Forces," i.e. state-run militaries that take their orders, not from the United States, but from their respective state governors.  Reportedly, Obama is fearful of these State Defense Forces because he does not control them.  Also, the article reports, Obama has sent warning notices to these fourteen governors to halt such actions immediately or face arrest for "treason."

Allegedly, the two governors leading this State Defense Force initiative are Rick Perry of Texas and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.  Ken Larive of "Before It's News" reports:
The two Governors leading this move are: Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota; and Rick Perry, Governor of Texas. Both of these State Governors stated they have: “…deep fear the President is destroying their Nation.” Governor Pawlenty’s fear of Obama is that since Obama took office he has appeased America’s enemies and has shunned some of America’s strongest allies, especially Israel. Governor Perry has declared that Obama is punishing his State of Texas by dumping tens-of-thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants into the cities and small towns of Texas. Governor Perry further recently stated: “If Barack Obama’s Washington doesn’t stop being so oppressive, Texans might feel compelled to renounce their American citizenry and secede from the union.”
If there is any truth to this report, it would appear that we are moving in the direction of another Civil War.  However, I am taking this report with a large grain of salt -- but I do hope that it's true!

Read the article here.

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  1. Since Tim Pawlenty isn't the current governor of MN, this is clearly bogus. Also, MN LOVES Obama and huge government. MN would never consider opposing ANY federal force unless possibly the federal force was associated with liberty.