Sunday, April 13, 2014

Outraged by the Confederate Flag?

You never hear anything about the Confederate flag in the media unless it is negative.  Someone is always "outraged" by the display of the Confederate flag.  The flag has become a Pavlov-like trigger to those prone to perpetual paroxysms of posturing paranoia, outrage, self-righteousness and ignorance.

Today it is a Confederate flag that some high school students displayed in Blue Springs, Missouri.  Earlier this year the California State Legislature considered passing a bill making it illegal to sell Confederate flags on state-owned property.  Some attorneys in California sought to remove the flag of Mississippi from a display of all state flags, because it contains the Confederate flag within it.  The flag is such a convenient tool for airheads to pose and posture over.  By their phony "outrage" they are really saying "Look at me!  I am so enlightened and sensitive!  What a moral hero I am!  Admire me!"

The asininity is endless.

Just let me say this:  we of Confederate heritage love the Confederate flag.  We do not wish to offend anyone, but could care less if they are offended, being that their "offense" is based on ignorance and a century and a half of slander against the Confederacy.  In fact, we are more offended than they are for being offended by the flag in the first place.  It's as if they object to a photo of our mother because they think our mother is ugly.  Those are fighting words.

Just for the record, I cannot say I am "offended" by the display of the modern American flag, but cannot help but think, when I see it flying over a Southern capitol, that it flies there not by choice, but by violent force.  So the Confederate flag is "controversial," but the American flag, which flew over the slave ships, over the genocide of the American Indian, over the burning of Atlanta to the ground, over the seizure of Hawaii, over the Japanese internment camps -- is not?  Ah, there is no hypocrisy like Yankee hypocrisy.

We are going to keep the Confederate flag, and if you don't like it, you can go straight to hell.  The flag stays.  We won't give it up, and we will not acquiesce to the "outrage" of the human equivalent of Pavlov's dogs.  Go salivate over something else.