Sunday, May 25, 2014

Honoring Our Dead

On Memorial Day, it is right that we remember those who died for our freedoms, even if they were not successful in their cause.

General Patrick Cleburne warned what was in store for the South should it lose the war.  He wrote
It means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision.
Everything the good General predicted has come true.

God bless our Confederate dead, and may we never forget them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BAN THE FLAG! Join the Campaign!

It is the flag of oppression, the flag of lies, the flag of ignorance.  The flag of extremists, the flag of an increasingly totalitarian ideology.

Join us in banning this flag from public display, anywhere, lest someone sane become offended.

Feel free to use this graphic on your websites or blogs.  Spread the word!


Because one good turn deserves another....

Support for the Confederate Flag Grows on FaceBook

The idiot legislature of our Looney-Tunes state of California has passed a law to ban the display or sale of Confederate flags on state property.  I will happily and willingly break this law at the very first opportunity.  What we need is a group of us to visit the State Capitol grounds in Sacramento, and take turns selling each other small Confederate flags, say, for 10 cents each.  Someone can film it, and we can then put the film on YouTube.

This law is so unconstitutional as to defy the imagination.  It deserves not only our contempt, but our open defiance.

This new law has been discussed on at least three FaceBook forums recently, and the commenters were overwhelmingly in support of the flag.  Many discussed contempt for California.  I find this trend most encouraging.  Almost none of the commenters were in any way offended by the Confederate flag, and recognized it as a heritage symbol and an American flag.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Two Good Books That I Recommend

I have read two worthy books in the past two weeks, ones that I recommend.  They are:

1.  The Path to National Suicide - an Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism, by Lawrence Auster.  This book explains how, due to liberal ideology, our borders were opened in 1965, and how the resulting transformation of America's ethnic composition helped fuel the ideology of multiculturalism which is changing the ethnic composition of America in radical ways.  Auster does not argue that all non-European immigration be halted, but that it is occurring too much and too fast for new immigrants to be successfully assimilated into our Anglo-Saxon, Judeo-Christian culture.  Third world immigration should be slowed to a fraction of what it is now.  The demographics of America prior to the 1965 immigration act should be restored and preserved, in order to retian our culture, forms of government and traditions.

I found the pamphlet very well written and argued.

2. The Myths of Slavery, by Walter D. Kennedy.  The actual history of slavery in the United States includes the North's enormous culpability in the institution, as well as its hypocrisy.  The author convincingly refutes the many slanders and falsehoods about the Confederacy, the Southern states, and the institution of African slavery.  Note:  exposing the whole truth about slavery is not "defending slavery," so please don't go there.  If you adore Lincoln as a demi-god and like to repeat the simplistic falsehoods of the Northern Myth, you won't like this book -- and that's why you should read it.

There is no way you can honor, respect or admire the Yankee invasion of the South in 1861 without undermining your own freedom in the here and now.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Confederate Soldier Was Not a Villain; Great Quotes on the Southern Confederacy

Lately I have noticed a false assumption among many conservatives and Republicans, that the Confederate soldier was a villain, and invoke his image in a negative way, in order to disparage the modern Democrat Party.  See this discussion, and comments, at Legal Insurrection, for example.

The irony in this is that the Confederate soldier fought for major principles that are the foundation of modern Conservative thought.  No, not slavery, no not racial animus, but the sovereignty of the American states and their opposition to a strong, tyrannical federal government -- the kind of federal government we have today.

By assuming that the North's aggression on the South was good, modern conservatives contradict the very principles they pretend to support.

Here are some great quotes from the web, some of which praise the Confederate soldier, and some of which show the villainy of the Northern war on the South.

Great Quotes can be found at these links:

The Confederate Colonel

The Missouri Partisan Ranger

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Outraged by the Confederate Flag?

You never hear anything about the Confederate flag in the media unless it is negative.  Someone is always "outraged" by the display of the Confederate flag.  The flag has become a Pavlov-like trigger to those prone to perpetual paroxysms of posturing paranoia, outrage, self-righteousness and ignorance.

Today it is a Confederate flag that some high school students displayed in Blue Springs, Missouri.  Earlier this year the California State Legislature considered passing a bill making it illegal to sell Confederate flags on state-owned property.  Some attorneys in California sought to remove the flag of Mississippi from a display of all state flags, because it contains the Confederate flag within it.  The flag is such a convenient tool for airheads to pose and posture over.  By their phony "outrage" they are really saying "Look at me!  I am so enlightened and sensitive!  What a moral hero I am!  Admire me!"

The asininity is endless.

Just let me say this:  we of Confederate heritage love the Confederate flag.  We do not wish to offend anyone, but could care less if they are offended, being that their "offense" is based on ignorance and a century and a half of slander against the Confederacy.  In fact, we are more offended than they are for being offended by the flag in the first place.  It's as if they object to a photo of our mother because they think our mother is ugly.  Those are fighting words.

Just for the record, I cannot say I am "offended" by the display of the modern American flag, but cannot help but think, when I see it flying over a Southern capitol, that it flies there not by choice, but by violent force.  So the Confederate flag is "controversial," but the American flag, which flew over the slave ships, over the genocide of the American Indian, over the burning of Atlanta to the ground, over the seizure of Hawaii, over the Japanese internment camps -- is not?  Ah, there is no hypocrisy like Yankee hypocrisy.

We are going to keep the Confederate flag, and if you don't like it, you can go straight to hell.  The flag stays.  We won't give it up, and we will not acquiesce to the "outrage" of the human equivalent of Pavlov's dogs.  Go salivate over something else.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ignoramuses Freak Out Over a Child's Confederate Hat

A little black boy in North Carolina was given a Confederate kepi as a prize at his grade school.  As he stepped off the bus on his way home, his mom freaked out.  Omigod, a Confederate kepi!  Slavery!  Racism!  Some dumb-ass leftwing site (Freakout Nation) picked up the story and are now wallowing in self-righteousness.  They don't realize it, but they are also wallowing in ignorance.

The Northern Myth (that Northerners fought the Evil South to free the slaves) is a matter of religious faith for the ignorant, a paean to the mighty federal government, who has the right to compel any of the formerly sovereign states to do what it wants, to invade those states with armies, make war on the population therein, and kill and destroy until the will of the populace is obliterated.  This is a blueprint for internal tyrants to reduce Americans to utter despotism, and even those conservatives who buy into it are promoting the unbridled power of the centralized government.

And no, the so-called Civil War was not fought over slavery.  There is no moral justification for Lincoln's war of aggression.  (Read the article before hitting me with all the Damn-Yankee talking points.)

I commented over at Freakout Nation, and was quickly banned from further commenting.  Ignoramuses do not appreciate any light allowed into their desiccated brains.

And He's Wearing a Kepi
See Confederate Memorial Here
I told them that this kid is not the first black to wear a Confederate kepi.  Many blacks did, in service to the South.  This unfortunate fact upsets the great moral, self-legitimating myth, and must be suppressed.  The brainwashed like their history nice and neat, like a file cabinet with two drawers, one marked "Good" and the other "Bad."  Actual history is not so neat and tidy, not so easily understood.  And, frankly, I am sick and tired of having ignoramuses slander my Confederate ancestors.

Real Confederate Soldiers

Friday, December 20, 2013

"Erasing Southern History" -- An Essay by Fay Voshell at American Thinker

Fay Voshell has a fine defense against the latest cleansing of Southern history at American Thinker.  She writes:
The South's generals have long been a part of the proud history of the region. Robert E. Lee's and Stonewall Jackson's military strategies are considered some of the most brilliant in the history of warfare, and this is to say nothing of their exemplary characters. They are honored to this day for their bravery and brilliance. That is why their portraits are on the walls of the U.S. Army War College, which is dedicated to the training of future generals, some of whom may one day show that they, too, have absorbed a code of honor and chivalry.

But according to the Washington Times, revisionists are mulling over a decision to remove Lee's and Jackson's portraits from the walls of the War College, lest that august institution be sullied by the memory of generals who fought on the wrong side.
Read it all at this link.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Major Heritage Attack: Demands to Remove Lee and Jackson from the National Cathedral in Washington

Always on Watch, one of my favorite blogs, has a post on the latest attempt to eradicate Southern heroes from the public. It's called "Objectionable Windows." AOW writes:
The Washington National Cathedral's stained class windows incorporate many different themes and subjects. Upon the recent death of Nelson Mandela, objections have now arisen to two of the stained glass windows — two separate windows depicting General Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee, both of them officers in the Confederate Army.
Read it all here.

South Carolina: First to Secede, First to Nullify Obamacare (Maybe)

South Carolina is a beautiful state.  It was the first state to secede in December of 1860; it is now on its way to being the first state to secede from Obamacare.

Well actually, when I say "secede" from Obamacare, I am really describing nullification.  Any state has the right to opt out of any federal law that violates the Constitution, regardless of what the Supreme Court says (screw you John Roberts).  South Carolina may be the first state to nullify the so-called "Affordable Care Act" by exempting all of its citizens and businesses from participating in Obamacare.

South Carolina's House voted in favor of banning Obamacare from its state by a vote of 65-34, and the state  Republican-controlled Senate will vote on the bill (HB3101) in January.

Capitalism Institute reports:
The core of the “South Carolina Freedom of Heath Care Protection Act” (HB3101) outlaws any state employees, officers, or agencies from implementing Obamacare.

The federal government can try to subject South Carolinians to the horrors of theACA – but they would have no personnel or funds in the state to actually carry it out. Obamacare would be nothing more than a ghost.
Capitalism Institute also cites a Supreme Court case of Printz v. United States:
What the Supreme Court said … is that states are not merely political subdivisions of the federal government to carry out what the federal government does; they are sovereign entities. Congress can pass laws, but it cannot compel the states to utilize either their treasury or personnel to implement those federal laws.
Note that kiddies:  the states are sovereign entities, not merely subdivisions of the federal government.  The latter answers to the former, not the other way around.  May this spirit of states' rights expand and spread.  It is exactly what the Founders intended.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Educate Those Damn Yankees: Give to the Abbeville Institute

Below is a message from Donald Livingston of the Abbeville Institute.  We heartily recommend supporting this organization for all who care about the South.
Friends of the Abbeville Institute,

Distinguished historian Clyde Wilson has observed that when college students are confronted with the truth about the Southern tradition and its place in the American story, they often find it a transforming experience. Such education is the most important thing we can do in the culture war we are in.

Please support the Abbeville Institute with an end of the year tax deductible gift. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. There are a number of on-line ways to give. Press "Donations" on the website at Or you can send a check to Abbeville Institute, P.O.Box 10, McClellanville, S.C. 29458.

Merry Christmas,
Donald Livingston, President
Abbeville Institute
(843) 323 0690

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Are the Sides Forming For a New Civil War?

There is a website devoted to militias that say the sides are now forming for a new Civil War. Not sure I agree, but the article is interesting.  Read it here.