Tuesday, September 3, 2019

My Best Lincoln Meme

A few years back an article appeared on FaceBook praising Abraham Lincoln.  Several of my friends and family made favorable comments about Lincoln, which angered me.  So in response, I created a meme with Photoshop expressing the Southern view of the great tyrant. I live in California and feared a negative backlash by potential employers, so I did not sign the meme.  After first posting it on FaceBook, I posted it on my blog on June 30, 2015 at this link:  http://saberpoint.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-myth-of-abraham-lincoln-photoshop.html.

After a year or two the meme began showing up on social media sites by Southern patriots. I am pleased that my meme is useful to other Confederates.  Feel free to use it.


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Basic Facts About the War for Southern Independence

I often encounter neo-Yankees on Twitter or this  site or elsewhere who want to argue about the causes of the so-called Civil War, the legality of secession, who was responsible for slavery, who started the war, ad infinitum.  Instead of having to argue the same defenses over and over again, I have decided to summarize the Southern arguments here, where I can point to a link and invite the Southern-adverse to read it.

Here is a list of subjects that I will cover, subject to change:

1.  The meaning of the Confederate Battle Flag.
2.  Fort Sumter:  How Lincoln deliberately started the Civil War.
3.  Lincoln's reasons for starting the war.
4.  The war was not about ending slavery.
5.  The North was equally responsible for slavery in America.
6.  The North never put forth any plan for peacefully ending slavery.
6.  The North cared nothing for the slaves, before or after emancipation.
7.  Secession was and is legal and Constitutional.
8.  The North was wrong and the South was right.
9.  Northern atrocities against Southern civilians.
10.  POWs and Andersonville Prison; how a Confederate officer was framed and murdered by a Northern kangaroo court.

More on this later.