Saturday, October 26, 2013

CNN Editorial Denounces the Confederate Flag as the Flag of Traitors

Some asshat named Dean Obeidallah (nice Muslim name there) has written a hate piece at CNN called "Confederate Flag Was the Flag of Traitors."  I had a great time baiting and bashing Yankees in the comments section, until the editors started holding up my comments ("awaiting moderation").

Skewering Yankees on the Sword of Truth is not difficult, in fact, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.  They are routinely ignorant of the facts of history, and Southerners are generally well armed with such facts.

I must admit I was deliberately incendiary in my comments.  If I can't convince Yankees that they are full of bovine excrement, then at least I can give them stomach acid.  The writer, Dean Obeidallah, is greatly angered because Confederate troops killed "110,000 Union troops."  Oh, so we were just supposed to stand there and let them kill us without any opposition?  Idiot.  I told him the number was greater than that, and quoted a verse from the song "Good Ole Rebel":

Three hundred thousand Yankees lie stiff in Southern dust.
We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us.
They died of Southern fever, and Southern steel and shot.
I wish it were three million instead of what we got.

Then I said, "I wish we could resurrect those dead Yankees and shoot them all again."  Ha ha!

No kiddies, what you learned in Third Grade about Abraham Lincoln and the Great Northern Myth is false history.  Free yourselves from ignorance, because truth is the weapon of freedom.

Hat tip to Carolyn Saunders of the Confederate Society of America for bringing this to my attention.


  1. Dear Confederate Gray,

    It shows the strength of Mr. Obeidallah's piece that all you can do to refute it is call him a Muslim. Contrary to what your idols may have told you, mentioning a person's religion or ethnicity does not add to your argument. In fact, it just makes you look like the ignorant bigot that you are. But of course those words mean nothing to you as you have been called them countless times before and will be called them countless times again. In fact, like many conservatives, Republicans, and Southerners, you relish in being called a bigot. You delight in it. You think it means you're right. And like a 15-year-old boy who has just discovered the art of online trolling and whose favorite phrase is "u mad?", you pat yourself on the back (in a blog entry which has no other comments besides mine) for making people angry, because you have nothing else to fall back upon. Those in the right make intelligent arguments. Those in the wrong make needlessly antagonistic comments that only serve to derail discussion and then congratulate themselves when no one is listening.

    Nevertheless, there is something sad, pathetic even, about seeing how many Confederate apologists exist in the year 2013. While you all in the South call the Civil War "The War Between the States" and stage reenactments and claim it was about states' rights, not slavery, and fly the Confederate battle flag, we in the North don't give the war a second's thought. Because it ended almost 150 years ago. Because we moved on a long, long, *long* time ago. And because the North has never ceased to be a globally relevant hub of innovation, creativity, and intelligence, unlike some regions I could mention. Saddest of all is the fact that it is people like you who hold your once-proud region back and give it its widespread reputation for backwards thinking. Literally backwards, as in constantly looking back at a war that occurred closer to the the founding of this country than to today, by almost 60 years.

    But it is also amusing, because it is funny to see Southerners who call themselves Proud Americans™ tying themselves in mental knots over the fact that they also proudly (blech!) fly the flag of an enemy army. And not just an enemy army, a *losing* enemy army! I'd be prouder to fly a Taliban flag than a Confederate flag, at least they give the U.S. something to fight against! I hope you don't mind, free speech and all.

    Yes, there is something both sad and amazing about people using the internet, this wonderfully modern invention, to spread regionalist propaganda that went stale 150 years ago. To me you appear like a woolly mammoth on the streets of New York, a creature I thought had gone extinct eons ago suddenly and inexplicably turning up in the modern world and looking woefully out of place. You lost. We won. Get over it. Your ancestors, the losers, were assimilated into the Union. We have this thing called equality now. It's pretty great. You should try it out some time.


  2. Ah John, you are such a typically arrogant, presumptious Yankee, assuming that you understand the history of the War For Southern Independence when you don't have a clue as to what happened or why. Your fantasy about the Great Northern Myth was inculcated back in the third grade and you have never bothered to read anything about the war since. Let's see if I can poke a few holes in your hyperbole. Obeidallah's Muslim name is interesting, but you have made a far bigger deal of it than I have -- which means you're also a liberal for whom race and ethnicity is a near religion, and those most different than us (including those openly hostile to us, like Muslims) are given a special veneration, worshiped as the "sacred other." Of course, one of the religious rites of sacred-other worshipers is to call those who do not follow this faith "bigots," because it makes them feel morally superior and so deeply intellectual and wise. The truth is, your philosophy is shallow and superficial, borne of the Marxist university that you attended and nourished by the incestuous bubble in which your naivete was formed and supported by like-thinking immature leftists. Let's be honest: your soliloquy about "bigotry" is nothing more than the moral posturing and posing of a phony.

    As for my comments at Obeidallah's hateful screed, it is true that I deliberately angered the vacuous Yankees there, but I did it with facts and the truth, much of which they had never heard before. Obeidallah ("obeyed Allah") was extremely hateful, ignorant and biased in his so-called editorial, and I feel no obligation to be polite or tactful to him for insulting my ancestors, and me. No way. I give back what I receive: a hateful screed begets a tactless rebuttal with harsh facts and as much righteous sarcasm as I can muster.

    I do not share your enthusiasm for the glorious North, ruined cities like Detroit and Chicago, filled with urban blight, high taxes, high crime and rotten living conditions. Live there, please do, and whatever you, don't come South. We don't want you.

    Yes, you won and we lost, and no, we aren't going to get over it, especially when hateful bigots like Obeidallah and John insult us and our ancestors, and lie about the reasons for the war and insult our region. It's analogous to raping my sister and then calling her a whore, and telling me "I won and she lost, get over it." We aren't going to get over it as long as the honor of our ancestors and their cause are the subject of such hatred and ignorance. You attack our ancestors with ignorance, expect a rebuttal, and one none too tactful. If we cannot reverse the fortunes of history, at least we can set the record straight, and we aren't going to shut up just because some arrogant Yankee like you doesn't want to hear what we have to say. Got it?

    As I noted at Obeidallah's hate piece, secession was and is legal, and considering the far-left drift of the country, many people are again thinking of secession, especially in Texas, a state vastly superior in every way to every urban wasteland in the glorious North. If America resumes its obedience to the Constitution and reverses its path towards socialism and/or fascism, there will not be any clamor for a new secession. However, should it continue its leftward drift, we once again will seriously consider it.

    And no, I do not think that believing the the U.S. Constitution and the sovereignty of the states makes me a "wooly mammoth." Your mentioning such childish images instead reveal you to be an ignorant, uninformed Yankee who is proud of his prejudices, no matter unsupportable and wrong-headed.

  3. Southern apologist? We have nothing to apologize for. No that is not true-I am sorry that we did not kill more Yankees, specifically your direct ancestors.

  4. I don't think that this poster who calls himself "John" is a liberal in the classical sense - he seems more like what Oriana Fallaci called a "goodist," which describes those moral preeners who need to show their alleged "moral superiority." As for this CNN commentator's religion, to pretend it has no relevance is one of the mistakes of the late 20th century. All religions have good and bad adherents, but islam is the only major religion that provides cover for general meanness.

  5. Stogie, awesome rebuttal. I couldn't have said it better myself. For a clear picture of what mentality we are dealing with I recommend Clyde Wilson's "The Yankee Problem". Thanks again.

  6. Thanks John, I'll get a copy of that book.

  7. Will, I read two of Fallaci's books, but don't recall a reference to "goodists." However, I like the term, it seems quite accurate as a way to describe the morally preening and posturing phonies who are constantly insulting us. Do you recall the title of Fallaci's book where the term was discussed? I'd like to get a copy.

  8. Notice how "John" punked out and ran away? He should go back to 1992 where he belongs and let the rest of us march forward into the 21st Century with the living symbol of Southern culture and its continued relevance in modern American society continuing to grow beyond such prejudices as a throwback like "John" advances.

  9. This reply was so whiney I assumed it was the work of a woman. Then I saw the name John. Okay, not a woman. A prissy Yankee for sure, though. And. like all prissy Yankees, you are unjustly arrogant, claiming the moral high ground with few (or, in this case, zero) real facts to support you. Pathetic.

  10. Awful long letter for someone who "never gives the war a second thought".

  11. John,
    That was a fascinating screed. I mean, the shear hate that was conveyed is amazing. I might point out that the reference to the person being a Muslim is more racist than bigoted. You see, your response was bigoted and prejudicial. As to being racist, I think most Southerners are comfortable with that as we are called by that term constantly and usually for just breathing air. Also, racist refers to those that see a difference in people based on a stereotypical image of the individual due to skin color, religion, or other virtues. I might point out that stereotypes are formulated for a reason and though they do not ally to 100% of the individuals in a selected group, they do apply to at least 80-90% and thus are good as an initial assessment. Being Muslim in this situation implies that the individual doing the commentary does not have the cultural background to understand the South, or the North or the war. Or for that matter slavery as Muslims are very comfortable with the concept of slavery.
    Then there is the issue of the North not thinking of the sectional difference between North and South. But they do and they continue to bring it up and consider us to be a lower life form than they are, despite facts to the contrary. I might add that people in the South are very concerned about a war 150 years ago as we are still occupied. The war lasted until 1876 and left a huge imprint down here as almost all our wealth was stolen and we are just now showing some measure of recovery. But we have not recovered our freedom. As to equality, no, we are not equal in your eyes. That is very evident. I am sure you are nauseated by a Southern accent and would strive to make that individual as uncomfortable as possible in your great land.
    Then there is the respect that we show the stars and strips, yes we do, we have a common origin. But we understand that that origin was subverted by malicious people such as yourself that desire a government that does not include freedom as its main construct. Thus we honor the stars and bars as it is the true symbol of freedom.
    Consider this, in the North, the war is portrayed as an event that was intended to free the slaves and end slavery. Yet, slavery was accepted and endorsed in the North as in the South. So how do two nations fight to end slavery when both hold slaves? No one has answered that for me. Maybe you can.

  12. Yep. John was a hit and run commenter. After spewing a few memorized sound bites, he skedaddled.

  13. David, excellent reply to the ridiculous post by this person John, someone obviously lacking in sound judgment, and what we know as a Yankee. Now, your points are very salient, indeed. What the Lincoln federalists did by going to war against the South, was to consolidate their Big Government power by murdering everyone that stood in their way, in this case, Southerners. Only later was the issue of slavery used as a justification for their murderous actions. Lincoln was a dictator evil to the core, and deserved everything he had coming to him.
    Your point about the South becoming occupied territory after the war is very excellent, and one we are still living with today. For Southerners, the past is not past, but merely a window on the future --- and informs us going forward. The more these Yankee cretin types cast aspersions, the more we are resolved to resist their devious and deceitful ways.
    I proudly display my Stars and Bars license plate on the front of my vehicle, and am so very proud of our ancestors. They lived and died for a cause that is the essence of what principles this country was founded on, and I make no apologies for it. DEO VINDICE