Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ignoramuses Freak Out Over a Child's Confederate Hat

A little black boy in North Carolina was given a Confederate kepi as a prize at his grade school.  As he stepped off the bus on his way home, his mom freaked out.  Omigod, a Confederate kepi!  Slavery!  Racism!  Some dumb-ass leftwing site (Freakout Nation) picked up the story and are now wallowing in self-righteousness.  They don't realize it, but they are also wallowing in ignorance.

The Northern Myth (that Northerners fought the Evil South to free the slaves) is a matter of religious faith for the ignorant, a paean to the mighty federal government, who has the right to compel any of the formerly sovereign states to do what it wants, to invade those states with armies, make war on the population therein, and kill and destroy until the will of the populace is obliterated.  This is a blueprint for internal tyrants to reduce Americans to utter despotism, and even those conservatives who buy into it are promoting the unbridled power of the centralized government.

And no, the so-called Civil War was not fought over slavery.  There is no moral justification for Lincoln's war of aggression.  (Read the article before hitting me with all the Damn-Yankee talking points.)

I commented over at Freakout Nation, and was quickly banned from further commenting.  Ignoramuses do not appreciate any light allowed into their desiccated brains.

And He's Wearing a Kepi
See Confederate Memorial Here
I told them that this kid is not the first black to wear a Confederate kepi.  Many blacks did, in service to the South.  This unfortunate fact upsets the great moral, self-legitimating myth, and must be suppressed.  The brainwashed like their history nice and neat, like a file cabinet with two drawers, one marked "Good" and the other "Bad."  Actual history is not so neat and tidy, not so easily understood.  And, frankly, I am sick and tired of having ignoramuses slander my Confederate ancestors.

Real Confederate Soldiers


  1. Stogie, it figures that stupid people do not want to know historical truth. 20 or so years ago I was at Stone Mountain railway station and gift shop and saw a young man of color with a rebel kepi on. His father was with him and I presume he bought the kepi for his son. At that time I thought good for you kid and your dad. Hopefully that kid grew up in an intelligent household and refused to buy into the yankee myth of the South as a hotbed of racists.

  2. John, I too have seen black kids wearing Confederate kepis. Not all blacks have their heads up their asses.

  3. This kid should get honorary lifetime Sons of Confederate Veterans membership for having to put up with this bullying.

  4. Do you consider yourself a "white"?