Friday, May 2, 2014

The Confederate Soldier Was Not a Villain; Great Quotes on the Southern Confederacy

Lately I have noticed a false assumption among many conservatives and Republicans, that the Confederate soldier was a villain, and invoke his image in a negative way, in order to disparage the modern Democrat Party.  See this discussion, and comments, at Legal Insurrection, for example.

The irony in this is that the Confederate soldier fought for major principles that are the foundation of modern Conservative thought.  No, not slavery, no not racial animus, but the sovereignty of the American states and their opposition to a strong, tyrannical federal government -- the kind of federal government we have today.

By assuming that the North's aggression on the South was good, modern conservatives contradict the very principles they pretend to support.

Here are some great quotes from the web, some of which praise the Confederate soldier, and some of which show the villainy of the Northern war on the South.

Great Quotes can be found at these links:

The Confederate Colonel

The Missouri Partisan Ranger

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