Sunday, August 12, 2012

Abraham Lincoln Reacts To Dixie Going Republican

Abe Reacts to Southern Capture
of the Republicans
No, the South has not become Republican; the Republican Party has become Southern.

We have not been captured by Abe's party; we have captured HIS party.

Our special reporter contacted Old Abe in the Netherworld to get his reaction to this happy circumstance.  His response is noted at left.

Meanwhile, read all about it here.


  1. For decades, there's been little difference politically between a Republican and a Southern Democrat. It's sort of ironic that northern conservatives are leaving their party that they feel has abandoned them, just as southerners are doing the same with their own party.

  2. BTW, I had to try about a dozen times to get a number in word verification that I could read on the previous comment. Lord only knows how many times I'll have to try on this one. Please consider discontinuing word verification. I don't find it that much trouble to moderate and Blogger seems to catch the spam pretty well anymore.

    1. Gorges, thanks for the tip. I'll get rid of that word verification immediately.

  3. That is the best picture of Lincoln I have ever seen. He looks so natural. Are there more? Did you get that one from the LoC? Wow. He looks stunning (or is that stunned?). Just my thoughts.

    Deo Vindice