Wednesday, August 15, 2012

General Biden Plans Re-Burning of North

Joe Biden, V.P. of Union Forces in the South and a reincarnation of General William Tecumseh Sherman, wants to repeat his past successes.

The other day, while speaking at a political rally, General Biden opined that he believed the forces of Obama-Biden could once again win in North Carolina.  The only problem was that he was speaking in Virginia.  Whoops!

To further demonstrate his agility with a crowd, General Biden then told a largely black audience in Virginia that Romney-Ryan wanted "to put them back in chains."  The NAACP later stated, that although most everything offends them mightily, this remark did not, since it was made by a political ally who is sworn to giving them free goodies and perpetuating their holy victimhood status.

To further demonstrate his racial sensitivity, General Biden then distributed free watermelons to the crowd, emblazoned with Obama-Biden 2012 bumper stickers. Remember, the next time you want a fiery path burned through the South (not to mention the U.S. economy), you can count on General William Tecumseh Biden.

General Biden is the only known general to march through Georgia with his boot firmly planted in his mouth.  He might have burned it too, but the high command knew better than to trust him with matches.


  1. I am the God of hell fire and I've come to burn. Just my thoughts.

    Deo Vindice

  2. Thats ok if they are put back in chains. Abraham Obama will issue an immaculation proclimation and free them all again in the name of social justice. And you white Republican redneck boys in the south will pay dearly for it. Just my thoughts.

    Deo Vindice