Sunday, October 28, 2012

Andrew Sullivan Worries About the Return of the Confederacy

Andrew Sullivan is an idiot who has made many crazy, far-left claims in the past.  Now he is saying that if Romney wins Virginia and Florida, the Confederacy will come back.

No Sullivan, you ignorant fool, the Confederacy will come back if THEY DON''T WIN.  Because if we must suffer another four years of far-leftist Barack Obama, then many of us are ready to secede.

If America is to become a permanent cesspool of late-term abortion, soaring energy prices, high joblessness,  illegal immigration and Islam-supporting dhimmis, then it will be time to leave America (or what now passes for it) behind.

Of course, Sullivan, being the walking leftist stereotype that he is, assumes the Confederacy was all about "racism" as defined in modern terms and reflects his ignorance of history and his willingness to distort it in support of his modern-day political arguments.

Don't waste your vote on the Libertarian candidate on November 6.  Gary Johnson is a good guy who can't win.  By voting for Romney you will not only fire the ignorant fool currently occupying the White House, you will also mightily annoy Andrew Sullivan.  It's like getting two for one!

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