Friday, October 19, 2012

Ken Burns, Creator of Yankee Propaganda Film "The Civil War," Endorses Obama

More than twenty years ago, Ken Burns produced the TV series "The Civil War."  It was a complete whitewash of the Lincoln's invasion of the South in 1861 - 1865.  Many Southerners and others were disgusted with the distorted views of that propaganda effort.

Now Burns is endorsing Barack Obama for president.  Apparently, his knowledge of current events is on a par with his knowledge of history.

Read his absurd endorsement here.


  1. There are no good guys in war. No doubt the North committed what would today be considered war crimes.

    Still, I would not want the task of defending the Confederate side in a historical context. Because of the SLAVERY thing. Yeah, that. It's a HUGE problem for you.

  2. It's not a problem at all, unless one subscribes to the Northern Myth. The truth: 1. Southern slaves were purchased from Northern slave traders, who sold 20 more to Brazil, Cuba and the West Indies for each one sold to the South. 2. Northern states also owned slaves, but were able to end Northern slavery by selling their slaves to Southern owners. 3. The North did not fight the South to end slavery, but to force the South back into a Union it no longer wanted, mainly to preserve its biggest source of tax revenues and prevent tariff free Southern ports from competing with Northern ports. 4. The North never at any time proposed any workable or responsible plan for peacefully ending slavery.

    The truth is that the North was even more responsible for slavery than the South, and that has to be a HUGE problem for Northern apologists like you.