Sunday, July 22, 2012

Are We "Neo-Confederates"?

People (like me) who strongly identify with the Southern Confederacy are often labeled "Neo-Confederates" by those who would preserve the Northern Myth of history.  True, I would like to see the Confederacy emerge like the Phoenix from the ashes of history and take its place among the nations of the earth.  However, I don't see that happening anytime soon.  Nevertheless, I object to the label "Neo-Confederate."  It sounds a bit like "Neo-Nazi," which is probably the intended implication.

If those who identify the South as their true homeland, who else might bear the "Neo" label?  Some ideas:
  • Tibetans who want their country back from China should be called "Neo-Tibetans."
  • Hawaiians who want their nation back are "Neo-Hawaiians."
  • The South Vietnamese who want to be free of their Communist masters are "Neo-South Vietnamese."
  • Up until the 1991, when the Soviet Union unraveled, Latvians might have been called "Neo-Latvians" and Ukrainians "Neo-Ukrainians."
There is no "Neo."  Just plain Confederate will do fine.


  1. who first coined the phrase and when?

  2. As long as no one proposes bringing back slavery, there's no disgrace in wanting state's rights returned to their proper position. The northerners would want it, too, if they had any brains. It's called abiding by the constitution.

  3. Griper, I don't know who first coined the phrase.

    Gorges, no one would want to bring back slavery, any more than they would want the return of whale oil lamps for light, leeches for bloodletting, horses and wagons for transportation. It is an archaic phenomenon. States rights, however, are still modern and needed. Thanks for commenting.