Sunday, July 22, 2012

Edward Sebesta's Continuing War on "Neo-Confederates"

Back in the 1990's various leftists discovered ways to make themselves relevant and fill their lives with purpose.  They would announce themselves to be experts on some group or the other, and liberal news media (but I repeat myself) would contact them when they needed an "expert" opinion on these groups.  One really fat guy whose name I have thankfully forgot made himself an expert on militias, and one Edward Sebesta made himself an expert on "Neo-Confederates."  Neo-Confederates are anyone who believes the South was right in their War for Southern Independence, or is proud of their Confederate ancestors, or who wish to preserve Southern icons in state flags, state songs or monuments to the Southern Confederacy.

Edward Sebesta, nicknamed "Crawfish," made himself an "expert" on "Neo-Confederates."  Sebesta found dark conspiracies in groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans or the Daughters of the Confederacy, involved in such seditious goals as trying to name state highways after Jefferson Davis.

So as not to disturb his preconceived conclusions, Sebesta made it his policy never to discuss such issues with the Evil Neo-Confederates themselves, so he refused to answer any questions by such people.

Apparently, Edward Sebesta is still fighting against the evil Southern hordes, trying to ban mint juleps, magnolia trees and hominy grits.  Well, I may be exaggerating just a little...but not much.

Now Robert Stacy McCain, a member of the Sons, has taken Sebesta to task.  He has written a post about Sebesta's obsession called "How To Become Irrelevant."  Read it here.


  1. the very fact that he is a leftist should tell you why. it is the mission of leftists to put any aand every event in terms of the victim and his exploiter including how history is portrayed. it is a way to justify their ideology.