Sunday, July 22, 2012

Secession: Archaic Idea or New Hope for Escaping Statism?

There are lots of conservative pundits nowadays stating the obvious, that America as we know it is gone.  We are headed for a multicultualist, statist and socialist society.

Ann Coulter has finally awakened to what is happening:  the left changed the immigration laws in 1965, away from giving preference to immigrants from Europe to one giving preference to third-worlders.  Now I don't judge a man or woman by his or her ethnicity, but the truth is that these third worlders have swollen the welfare roles.  They are less capable of providing economic input into our nation and more likely to become dependents of the state (Coulter gives some statistics on that to back it up).

Third world immigration is how the left has slowly built its new electoral base.  The left imports the less productive to make them wards of the state.  In exchange for their welfare, the immigrants vote for Democrats to keep the goodies flowing in their direction.

One pundit online once observed that, just as farmers raise chickens for their eggs, the left raises welfare dependents for their votes.  This will eventually lead to a permanent majority for statists, with economic stagnation and a lower standard of living for all.

Secession, so often reviled by the left, is becoming more and more a possible hope for those Americans desiring to escape  a collapsing American culture and economy.  Which state will be the first to secede?  I'm putting my money on Texas and Arizona.  If we can't save the whole country, perhaps we can save a part of it.

Read Coulter's article here, "How Liberals are Building an Electoral Majority."


  1. heck, Stogie, individuals are already beginning to secede from the Union, over 1800 last year alone.
    people renouncing citizenship

  2. In 1776 the word "state" was understood to be synonymous with "nation" or "country." Slavery was an issue that brought states rights to a boil. I wonder if anything is able to wake up the frog at this late date.

    Grace and peace.

  3. Griper, another good point! The comment that "Atlas is Shrugging" refers to people dropping out of the economy rather than be taxed to death. You could also say that they are "seceding," especially those who are renouncing their US citizenship.

    Pumice, you are correct. About the "state" and the frog! I am still hoping the frog will wake up before it's too late, but I have my doubts.

  4. Just so long as I can eat the frog legs I'll be happy. Just thinkin out loud.

    Deo Vindice