Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Is Over: Obama Wins Re-Election

I would never have guessed it, but possibly the worst president in U.S. history (next to Lincoln) has won re-election.

The United States has become a socialist country on the European model.  Expect higher taxes, higher energy prices, more unemployment and a worsening standard of living for all Americans who aren't on the dole.  Social security and medicare will go broke.

Now, more than ever, the question of secession become foremost.  America is gone and we aren't getting it back.

Based on this, we will need to formulate new stratagems for the future and consider the need for a new political party, nullification by the individual states of Obamacare and other Marxist nostrums, and a plan to leave the United States if that is at all possible.

The Southern states, with the exception of Florida, voted for Romney.  In spite of that, give up all hope ye who enter here:  America is over.

What is the best alternative for those of us who still love liberty?  That is the question.  What should our goal be and how are we to achieve it?  I wish I knew.

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