Thursday, November 8, 2012

Texas Secession Movement Alive and Well: Wants to Secede Right Now

There's a story in the Dallas Observer about the Texas Secession movement.  In light of Obama's reign in Washington, the Texas secessionists have had enough and are urging the Texas legislature to formally consider the issue of secession.

The Observer, like most liberal rags, is dismissive and derisive of the movement, but in between sarcastic snickers, do relate some current news in light of Obama's re-election.  They write:
Predictably, one of the loudest voices calling for Texas to get the hell out of the union this morning is the Texas Nationalist Movement, a Nederland-based group that's been around since 1995 or so. Several of the posters on Abbott's wall are linking to a petition TNM has created, asking that the Texas Legislature formally consider secession. The petition's been around since February of this year; in the last day, though, it's garnered several dozen new signatures and been shared on Facebook about 200 times.
Read it all here if you can stand it.

Three days ago Texas secession advocates spoke at conference in Washington-on-the-Brazos and voiced their reasons for promoting Texas secession.
Tammy Blair of Tyler, who challenged State Sen. Robert Nichols in the Republican primary for Senate District 3, said too many voters are under the delusion that winning the White House solves everything. "There are people who contend that all is well, that just one more election and we can fix it," she said. "They’re living in a fantasy land."

Blair said that critics of Texas Nationalism are wrong when they maintain that the independence movement wants to "destroy" America.

"We love the idea that WAS America," she said. "America is broken ... it was murdered years ago. America will not survive the fallacies of relativism. The American ideal has been abandoned by those in power."
So far I agree with everything Tammy has to say.  If Texas secedes, I will apply for citizenship.  Read more about this conference here.

The Texas Secession movement has a website here for those who want to know more about it.  I am also adding them to my sidebar.

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