Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Nigerian Span for Ema Nymton

Ema Nymton
Ema Nymton is an older woman, a dedicated leftist who has made it her life's work to post sarcastic and insulting comments on any right wing blogs who will allow it.  I used to allow her comments in the spirit of free speech and all that rot.  Then I got sick of her unending stream of bile and bullshit, and banned her from both of my blogs (the other being Saber Point).

"Ema Nymton" is "Not My Name" spelled backwards, perhaps in keeping with Ema's backward political philosophy.

Lately she has changed her email address to get around the ban, but I simply add the new email address to the ban and delete her comments.

Now I would like to show my appreciation for the oceans of bile this lady has poured out on the right, by publishing her email addresses here.  This is so the Nigerian spammers and scammers can harvest them, and soon she will be receiving all sorts of scammer messages from this African nation.  (Nigeria is famous for online scams.)

So here they are, Nigerians!  Start those endless scammer messages right away!  Because when it comes to false promises of prosperity, Ema is already in your corner. (this email address no longer works, if it ever did).  (this email address is viable).

Ema blogs at, for anyone who is interested.

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