Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nineteen States Petition Washington for the Right to Secede

It appears that the Louisiana petition to secede has inspired others.  According to, another eighteen states have now filed similar petitions (nineteen states in all).

Could Charlie Daniels be right??  "The South is Gonna Do It Again!"

Thank God I just bought a new Confederate kepi.  Now I need to find my musket.  It's in the garage, I think.

Seriously, this is GOOD NEWS.  Even if nothing comes from it, at least it is forcing people to think of secession as a viable alternative to socialist rule....and it doesn't hurt to let our rulers in Washington know we are thinking about it too.

An article at iRoots gives more information.  Eighteen of the states (with links to their petitions) are as follows:
Louisiana, 10,296; Texas, 9196; Florida, 2392; Alabama, 2492; North Carolina, 2434; Kentucky, 1934; Mississippi, 1935; Indiana, 1951; North Dakota, 881; Montana, 1538; Colorado, 1805 Oregon, 1594; New Jersey, 1492; New York, 1727; South Carolina, 117; Arkansas, 86; Georgia, 131; Missouri, 149.

According to iRoots, more states are expected to follow.  (It's interesting to note that not all the states with secession petitions are Southern -- they include New Jersey and New York.)

Here's Charlie's opinion on the matter:

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  1. Secession petitions are good PR but bad politics. There is a way for states to legally and politically secede from the American union but it must be a state-by-state process established by constitutional secession conventions in each state. Read: