Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ron Paul Discusses Secession

Vox Popoli has a post on Ron Paul discussing secession.  It is worth a read.

See it here.

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    To help all the 2012 election sore losers advocating secession from USA here is a suggestion.

    President Thomas Jefferson faced the the situation in 1804? with the Louisiana Purchase. The opportunity to expand USA with a purchase of land from France is no where addressed in US Constitution. (His actions established in Presidential governance the concept that the President can act unless the Constitution specifically denies said action.)

    Maybe the Supreme Court will allow you to present a legal brief declaring President Jefferson's Louisiana action unconstitutional. Then you'all don't need to seceded.


    Have you thought about taking up Canada's offer? Canada is opening up its northern-most province of Nunavut to anyone from the states who just can’t stomach another four years of President Obama’s ruthless, tyrannical, moderate rule. Each immigrant will receive 40 acres of land conveniently located near open water. And Canada is also generously offering a used snowmobile and a sled to any newcomers as well. There’s no doubt that life in Nunavut, fending for yourself without any help from the Nanny State, will take some getting used to, especially for those Southerners who hail from states that receive far more government benefits than they pay in tax revenue.

    EMA Nymton