Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Talk of Secession; Peter Morrison Reports at VDare

Peter Morrison is a business man in Texas and has concluded that our "sacred union" is not so sacred anymore, that our political alliances with other states have outlived their historical purpose and usefulness, and it is time for the states to go their own way.

He writes:
I think Romney saw the polls last week and decided on a risky strategy of playing for Pennsylvania as his only way out. Just as it was 149 years ago, the fate of the nation was decided in Pennsylvania. The Romney campaign may be remembered as the Pickett's Charge of the conservative movement, a last desperate effort to stave off the cruel arithmetic of superior numbers overcoming principle and valor.
Others have noted the same analogy, noting that the 2012 election may have been "the high water mark" of conservatism -- and it's all downhill from here.

Morrison has concluded what I also did in a prior post:
It would be nice for Republicans if the facts were different and we could build a multi-ethnic, colorblind, conservative America, but the evidence is quite to the contrary.
The awful truth is that non-whites are largely biased against whites and will even vote against their own best interests (as Asians did) in order to punish whites.  Fifty years of slander of whites, in schools from kindergarten to the university, has emphasized the evil of white people, and how we (as a group) are responsible for all the world's ills.  Many whites have become self-hating as a result, and are paralyzed by the cultural bugaboo against "racism" that says whites can never act in their own self-interest.

However, Morrison thinks we should resist to the bitter end, and I agree.  He says:
Like the remainder of Lee's army after Gettysburg, it is our duty to keep fighting to the bitter end, in hopes that Providence might shine upon our cause before it is too late. We must contest every single inch of ground and delay the baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists at every opportunity. But in due time, the maggots will have eaten every morsel of flesh off of the rotting corpse of the Republic.
The long-term solution?  Secession, and again I agree.  Morrison writes
The bond between a husband and wife is sacred. National borders, once they have exhausted their historical purpose, are not.
It is time for an amicable divorce.  Read it all here.

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